Scroll wheel Zoom event propogates to window

I am using Plotly.js to display a 3D surface chart.
The mouse wheel scrolling works great, but the issue is the scroll event propagates to the window and scrolls it to.

how do i ensure the window doesn’t scroll. It’s a very bad UX.

Try this codepen on a smaller laptop screen where you can see the scrollbar to the right. you can see it scrolling with the zoom.

Thanks for help.

Hmm. I’m not sure I understand. Where do you place your mouse cursor when scrolling propagates to the window?

right on the surface chart, where you can zoom in to the chart.

Ensure you decrease the height of the bottom section of the codepen to see
the scrollbar


Weird. I can’t replicate. Can you try to record a gif of the problem you’re seeing?