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Python scroll wheel zoom

Hi, I’d like to use the scroll wheel to zoom in a plot created using the Python API. Anyone know if this is possible?

This is not currently possible, but should be soon.

Please subscribe to https://github.com/plotly/plotly.py/pull/410 for the latest information.

Thanks for your reply. Strange thing happened earlier today, the scroll wheel zoom started working, I didn’t change anything. Now it is back to not working. I’ll check out that github link.

Note that the scrolling default depends on the environment where you’re viewing your plots.

In iframes (e.g. in Jupyter NBs and plot.ly/~user/00.embed) scrolling is disabled.

On shareplot (plot.ly/~user/00/) and the workspace (plot.ly/plot) scrolling is enable by default.

can I enable this on the default plotly envir?