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Scroll position

is it possible to get fancy scroll-down effects by detecting scroll-down position as many sites do with javascipt?
I cannot figure out how to properly integrate javascript with the dashboard elements (aside from the basic linking to external JS bundle)
anybody knows of any examples available?

Good question! There aren’t any premade components that abstract this away for you yet but it would be possible to write your own Dash component in React that would implement this.

Here is the tutorial on writing your own Dash components:
Here is our tutorial on React:
Here is a scroll element on NPM that might be a good fit:
The Plotly Advanced Development team can also be contracted out to build open source custom components:

This would be a very cool component :slight_smile:

yes, would be very cool. I’ll give a look at the tutorial and the docs but I’m more on the data science than web development and I hope that some react wizard will come at rescue :stuck_out_tongue: