Scattermapbox text dissapearing and appearing based on how I zoom on the map

Hello, I am trying to put text on the regions of Mexico in my map. I have a Choroplethmapbox and I am adding Scattermapbox on top of it with the text. I want the text to be a static size so that when I zoom out it becomes smaller and when I zoom in it doesnt change, but currently, the text appears and dissapears based on how I zoom and pan the map. So I would just like to know how I can set this text so that it does not change at all. Thank you.

This is a section of the code that I have which builds the graph objects:

        data = [go.Choroplethmapbox(geojson=mx_regions_geo, ids=dff['State'], z=dff[y_type],
                                    locations=dff['State'], featureidkey='', colorscale='reds',
                                    marker=dict(line=dict(color='black'), opacity=0.6),
                                    zmin = 0, zmax = zmax_
                                # hoverinfo=gdff['Revenue'],
                                lat = gdff['lat'],lon = gdff['lon'],
                                text = gdff['Revenue'],
                                textfont= {'color':'black','size':15,'family':'Courier New'},
                                mode = 'text',
                                name = 'Revenue',

        layout = go.Layout(
            'accesstoken': mapboxtoken,
            'style': mapboxstyle,
            'zoom': 4,
            'center': {'lat': 25, 'lon': -99}},
            margin={"r": 0, "t": 0, "l": 0, "b": 0},


    return dcc.Graph(figure={'data': data, 'layout': layout})

Here is a picture of my map currently:

As you can see, only 2 of my text labels show up. I just want it to all appear regardless of how I zoom or pan my map. Thank you. Maybe there is a better way not using Scattermapbox, If there is please let me know.