Scattermapbox plot doesn't update with change in pandas dataframe in callback

I am slicing a pandas dataframe based on user input. While the callback runs and I see that the dataframe is updated, the changes aren’t reflected on the map. I am passing a pandas series at lat and lon and the map should be updated with the DataFrame. Below is simplified version of my code:

import dash_bootstrap_components as dbc 
import dash
from dash import dcc
import pandas as pd

import as px

df =

layout = html.Div([ 

                                  dbc.Button("Apply", id="show", className="mr-1", n_clicks=0)


# Update map graph
@app.callback(Output("map", "figure"),

                            Input("Input", "value"),
                            Input("show", "n_clicks")

def update_map(input, btn_nclick):

    # check for triggered inputs / states
    ctx = dash.callback_context

    data = []

    if input:

       df = df[df['peak_hour'] == 11]


                        "type": "scattermapbox",
                        "lat": df['centroid_lat'],
                        "lon": df['centroid_lon'],
                        "mode": "markers",
                        "marker": {
                                            "symbol": "circle",
                                            "size": 9,
                                            "opacity": 0.8,

       layout = {

                 "autosize": True,
                 "datarevision": 0,
                 "hovermode": "closest",
                 "mapbox": {

                     "accesstoken": MAPBOX_KEY,
                     "bearing": 0,
                     "center": {
                         "lat": coords[0],
                         "lon": coords[1]
                     "pitch": 0,
                     "opacity": 0.2,
                     "zoom": zoom,
                     "style": "streets",


                 "margin": {
                    "r": 0,
                    "t": 0,
                    "l": 0,
                    "b": 0,
                    "pad": 0


   return ({"data": data, "layout": layout})

Trying to wrap my head around why the map not being updated with change in pandas DataFrame?

i did, check type attribute.

My graph is scattermapbox vs px.scatter plot.

Hi, i have the same problem.
Did you find an issue ?