Scatter_matrix, click on one of the subplots to enlarge it

In my app I build a scatter_matrix, and when the user clicks on one of the scatter subplot, this plot should be the only one displayed (and be enlarged to fill the space of the whole matrix).
For the moment, I get the axes of the clicked point using click_data’s “x”, “y” and matching them with “dimensions[0].values”, “dimensions[1].values” etc. “curveNumber” only seems to indicate the color of the clicked point. This seems quite inefficient and complex, is there a simpler way to do so ? Also being able to click anywhere on one of the subplots, not only on the points ?

Once I got the axes, I redraw a scatter.
The problem is that it takes a long time to create a new scatter plot.

Is it possible to update the scatter_matrix to display only one of the subplots, and enlarging it to fill the size of the full matrix ?

Thank you.