Scatter chart, 'Category' axis - how to know if specific point is in visible/selected range

I’m trying to find points which are currently visible or in selected range by using range for x and y axis. This works well when axis is ‘linear’ type, as I can compare range to x and y values of a point. But if I plot data which requires ‘category’ axis type, I don’t how to map x value of a point to axis position, e.g. ‘Dog’ >> 0.00, ‘Cat’ >> 1.00.

Categorical values are mapped using integer steps starting at 0.

Yes, I have noticed that. But I need to know the order too (is it dog or cat 0). And the order is not static for plotted data, e.g. if user selects only some traces to be shown, maping changes.

Any more ideas, anyone?