Saving with orca fails in WSL


I am working under Windows Subsystem for Linux (Unbuntu 18.04).

A few days ago, I was able to save figures with orca, but now it fails. I get the following error.

*** ValueError:
The orca executable is required to export figures as static images,
but it could not be found on the system path.

It worked with plotly=4.4.1 and plotly-orca=1.2.1. When I upgraded to plotly=4.5.2 and plotly-orca=1.3.0, it failed. When I downgraded them back to plotly=4.4.1 and plotly-orca=1.2.1, it was still failing.

Do you have any ideas how to solve the problem?


OK in the meantime I found what went wrong.

When I updated plotly, I modified the path to the executable, but I made a mistake in the absolute path. The slash at the beginning was missing.

Wrong path: = 'home/guillaume/miniconda3/envs/env1/bin/orca'

Correct path: = '/home/guillaume/miniconda3/envs/env1/bin/orca'

Now it is working.