Error to locate Orca


I´m trying to export the plot into a jpg file. For that, I´m using this code:

from plotly.offline import iplot, init_notebook_mode
import plotly.graph_objs as go
import as pio
import plotly

import os
import numpy as np


N = 100
x = np.random.rand(N)
y = np.random.rand(N)
colors = np.random.rand(N)
sz = np.random.rand(N)*30

fig = go.Figure()
                marker={'size': sz,
                        'color': colors,
                        'opacity': 0.6,
                        'colorscale': 'Viridis'

**pio.write_image(fig, 'fig1.png')**

The problem that I have is with ORCA. This lib can be locate but it’s installed. This is the error that I got:

The orca executable is required in order to export figures as static images,
but the executable that was found at ‘/opt/conda/bin/orca’
does not seem to be a valid plotly orca executable. Please refer to the end of
this message for details on what went wrong.

If you haven’t installed orca yet, you can do so using conda as follows:

$ conda install -c plotly plotly-orca

Alternatively, see other installation methods in the orca project README at

After installation is complete, no further configuration should be needed.

If you have installed orca, then for some reason was unable to
locate it. In this case, set the
property to the full path of your orca executable. For example:

>>> = '/path/to/orca'

After updating this executable property, try the export operation again.
If it is successful then you may want to save this configuration so that it
will be applied automatically in future sessions. You can do this as follows:


If you’re still having trouble, feel free to ask for help on the forums at

Here is the error that was returned by the command
$ /opt/conda/bin/orca --help

[Return code: 127]
/opt/conda/lib/orca_app/orca: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Note: When used on Linux, orca requires an X11 display server, but none was
detected. Please install X11, or configure your system with Xvfb. See
the orca README ( for instructions on using
orca with Xvfb.

Hi @Albertoe,

Have you tried going the troubleshooting options for headless linux machines? The error message you are getting seems to be related to a library for X11 that isn’t present on your machine and that troubleshooting section should help you in this case.

Hi Michaelbabyn,

First of all, thanks to help me.

I´m using a docker container with jupyter. It’s installed in a QNAP NAS. Can you tell me how can I install the library X11?

Thanks again

Hi Albertoe, did you solve your problem? I would be interested to know the solution.

+1 I’m struggling through this as well. See

Cross reference: I added a suggestion at for using the orca AppImage from inside a docker container.