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"Save as png" button

Is it possible to create button, which on-click will be save image of graph. I know about button in top of grap, but i relly need to create this button!
P.S. Is it possible, somehow, to save image of graph using right-mouse-button and selecet “save image…”


Hello! Plotly/Dash allows static image download. write a function to call the following:

from IPython.display import Image

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I believe that this will only work in the Jupyter context.

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@chriddyp my bad! Thank You for pointing it out, I wouldn’t have realized.

So, this is what worked for me. You can function call this through a button click. However, if you’re using plotly.offline, this line downloads the html of the plot as well.

#format: 'png', 'svg', 'jpeg', 'pdf'

Something else you can do is hover on the graph and the first icon on the top right corner is to ‘Download as PNG’