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Download PNG with urllib

Hello! Im making my dashboard and im trying to make standalone button to save plot as png.
A trying to save raw data to png file with

  • img_bytes = py.image.get({
    ‘data’: […],

I get this bytes and i can read it with

  • print(img_bytes).

After that i use

  • stringpic = “data:image/png;base64,” + urllib.parse.quote(str(img))

But then I trying to download it with html.A(html.Button(…)) component I get the error with file, in dowload bar in browser i see “Network error”. I`ve tried to save pytes in csv file and it worket, I got the csv file bytes.

Is it possible to save PNG this way, or i can only use 'download plot as png" button on top of graphic ?

Cross reference: Encode png bytes to base64

Does this answer also address your issue here?