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Sankey Plot: A node feeding into itself

Hey all,
I’m new to the community and was wondering if you could help with my inquiry.

I am creating a Sankey plot to show to flow of politicians to and from a specified party which sits in the middle. The inflows and outflows to the center party are correct, however I am wondering if I can represent politicians staying in the party of interest differently.
As shown in the image below, politicians who stay in party 5 are shown and flowing out and back in to the node. This makes sense for in the underlying code when source is party 5 and target is party 5, the value is 101. I would like to represent this differently, where there is no in flow and no out flow, just a predetermined length of the node.

Is there a way to assign a length in the visualization to the node of party 5 that is the length of the politicians who stayed in the party (101)?

Many thanks for the insights!