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Sankey - Hide flow count?

Hi there! I have a sankey chart and I want to hide “Incoming flow count” and “Outgoing flow count” when i hover over the nodes. I set ‘hoverlabel’ on go.layout to None but it still shows, having hoverinfo on the sankey object to ‘none’ also does not seem to have any effect. Is it possible to do that?

Hi @apisoni,

I see what you mean. I added a note to that sankey.hoverinfo still seems to not be working.

In case it’s helpful in the meantime, you can disable all hover labels (for all trace types) by setting the layout.hovermode property to False.


@jmmease thanks a lot for logging this on github! I did use layout.hovermode but found out that it kills all hover events so the links do not get highlighted anymore which is a pity. In the end, since I am using plotly.offline, I set my Python script to inject <style>.hoverlayer {display: none;}</style> right after the <head> tag of the html file produced by plotly. This killed the label boxes but preserved the hover events which means the links still get highlighted on hover.

If anyone is experiencing this issue and is using plotly.offline I guess this can be a decent short term workaround.

Thanks again for your help!