Sankey diagram - link labels and customized nodes

I am trying the sankey functionality with python, and I would like to:

a) add labels to the flows (links) indicating the “values”

b) hide some of the nodes. (for example making them transparent)

how can I do this? have not been able to find the documentation or examples to do it.

Hi @Nabla,

I don’t think these are possible at the moment. Feel free to open an issue to discuss these ideas as a plotly.js issue at


I realize this is serious necrobumping, but 2.0k views on the post and 206 clicks on the issue trackers, and then there is no link to a related issue, so here we go:

Is the relevant issue, I believe.

I think this is vital to use plotly sankeys for anything printable or non-html related, but even when used in a Jupyter notebook etc it does not present the relevant data without navigating the plot by hovering around.

Since there are not really many sankey tools around, there are actually no options for nicelooking+interactive+complete that I am aware of.

Plotly definitely ticks the first two boxes, but sankey is probably not the most sought-after feature.

I am grateful for what is there though. Keep up the great work.