Sankey charts features


I’m trying to improve the way Sankey charts are displayed in my reports.
I noticed that there is a kind of autmatic feature in the rendering which push the node label of the last bar on the right, to the left side of this bar.
For instance, if I move the B1 bar to the right side, from this
to there
B1 is now displayed on the left side of the bar.

In my case, I have collision between the text of the last node (displayed on the left), and the one before (displayed on the right)

Would it be possible to change this, maybe in the future?

Also, I added annotations (dash) to display the name of each “node level”; For my use case, I should use a parallel category chart rather than a sankey, but it does not seem possible to define the bars’ color depending on the “possible value inside this category” with a parallel category diagram. For instance, if each product manufactured must pass different quality test (each test being a category), then if some product fail (there is 5 to 8 possible result per test) to one of these tests then I want to see that immediately with the bar “Failed” of category “test#5” in red. With a parallel category chart I can only change the color of the whole link, depending on the result of one test, or of another column in the dataframe. WHich leads to ouput like this:

Which is misleading, because it looks like some items failed on Test#1 (one part of the bar is black)

I’m therefore using a Sankey as a workaround, because coloring one single node, or link between a source and a target, is possible.

Moreover, is is necessary to use annotations (dash, again) to display the values (number of items) on each bars.

Would it require a lot of work to add these 3 features to the sankey and/r parallel cat ? (1/ text always on the right side on the sankey, 2/ display the “node level” of a Sankey as if it was a category name of a parallel category, 3/ make possible to color the bar of a parallel category diagram depending on the value they represent ?