Conundrum : Sankey, Parallel categories, barchart

Hi there,
Is there a way to show the values/number on the bars of a sankey, as well as the names of the trace ( re 2nd question it seems it is not supported)
Or, alternatively, is there a way to color one specific “partial bar” of a parallel category chart ?

I’m trying to illustrate data issues/inconsistencies with these charts; typically, say we have a product that must pass the quality test #1, #2, #3, #4,#5. Each test has four possible outcome. If I use a Sunburst, it takes too much space on my report; if I use a Parallel category chart, I would like that every “node” or bar representing a positive outcome is in a light color, but those problematic in dark red. This way, it makes easy to see if there are problems somewhere. If I use stacked barchart, it is easy to display the value inside the bars, as well as the trace names, category names (test#1, test#2), but there would be no link between the different test; If i use a Sankey, I cannot show the number of items passing each test with outcome X inside each bar. A workaround is possible by using the “label” parameter and adding the relevant value after the label string…Sankey would be convenient because there would be this nice “link” from one test to another one (even though Sankey are not designed for that). However, a Sankey would not display the test name below the “bars”; it is necessary to use annotations, to achieve this result, perhaps. WIth a Sankey, it is possible to apply a color on each node. (in red on the illustration below)
WIth a parallel category chart, I can display the different outcome (strigns) inside a category (as with a a Sankey) and I can also display the category name. However, it seems that is is not possible to specify one color for one specific value inside a category category, without it highlights the whole “group” (that is, all the items that would have passed test A, test B, failed Test C with outcome X, passed test D). What if I wanted to highlight only the fact that some items failed on test C by highlighting the bar in the yellow circle?

Any workaround for this kind of representation ?

To add the “category” name on a sankey, as an annotation, a detailed solution is presented here: