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Running Plotly on Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3)


I was wondering if anyone could please help me figure out why plotly isn’t running for me when I draw an iplot?

I have set up and Ubuntu server through EC2, stored my file in S3, installed annacona, python, plotly and cuffllicks,

When I run my programme this error message appears:

PlotlyError: Because you didn’t supply a ‘file_id’ in the call, we’re assuming you’re trying to snag a figure from a url. You supplied the url, ‘’, we expected it to start with ‘’.

could someone please help me figure out what my file_id should be?

Cheers in advance

Stuart :slight_smile:

Hey @Celticstu - did you figure this out !?

Hey @Celticstu and @vr00n - did you figure this out !?