Running plotly in windows outside IDE (PyCharm)


I’m new to Plotly so please bear with me as this may get a bit long winded whilst trying to explain myself.

I’m using the free version of Plotly and and have created a simple scatter plot and it works a treat. I can execute it using PyCharm (community) within the application and it runs as expected. The script executes; the browser opens up a new tab; and the interactive graph gets displayed.

This script is saved in PyCharm’s workspace under the filename ‘’.

However, when I launch the Windows command prompt and type (python directory in path) ‘python’, I get the error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
import plotly
ImportError: No module named plotly

I’m using Python 3.6.1

I’m not sure why it can’t see the plotly library when I run the script outside the IDE? Can I hard code a path to this library? Not sure how to deal with this.

Many thanks,

Problem solved. My girlfriend fixed it :slight_smile: Turns out I just need to re-install plotly. Cheers.