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*Fixed* ModuleNotFoundError in Pycharm Despite Package in Project Manager

EDIT: Reinstalled it and checked “Install to user’s site packages directory (C:Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Python)” when I did

Hey everyone!

I am trying to do import plotly to use in my PyCharm, but whenever I run the file, I run into a “ModuleNotFoundError” which is odd considering the following:

  • I have properly installed it in my Project Interpreter section of the project
  • When I do import pyplot.pyplot as py in my file, the path appears (see screenshot #1)
  • When I call an attribute (e.g. pyplot.iplot), PyCharm offers to autofill it for me (screenshot #2)

If it was truly having trouble being imported like the error say it is, then none of the above things would be true, knowing PyCharm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Screenshot #1
plotly #1

Screenshot #2
plotly #2