Row-wise formatting in Dash table


I am able to format the columns to display as % or as $ with comma using:

But, I am trying to format the rows not the columns. I want to display only the first two rows of my dash table as %. How to achieve this?

The styling options don’t give the options for number formatting:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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@muthuraja Were you able to find solution for this?

Hello @muthuraja,

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I don’t know that it is possible to do this from a datatable side.

However, you could apply the numbering format to the dataframe itself before passing it to the table.

@jinnyzor changing data type in dataframe would not show symbols like %,$ on dash UI.

Even if you were to change the data types to strings and the data table columns as string?

It is difficult to understand what the topic started meant by this. Perhaps they meant “percent” and “currency”?