Reversing Legend on Colorscale

Hello All,

I have been trying unsuccessfully to reverse the legend on colorscales. My data has an inverse relationship between the Y axis and the data in the color scale so the presentation is un-intuitive, the colorscale reference on the right is the reverse of the presentation of the data in the graph. I tried the reversescale flag for markers but that changes both the legend on the right and the color in the data, leaving me with the same issue.

In summation: is there a way to reverse the legend on the colorscale so that it increases moving from the top to the bottom of the page rather than decreasing?

Hi @ThadP_DB,

I cannot understand exactly your issue without a minimal example.
Please paste here a minimal code and an image to realize why do you have a non-concordance between y-values, the corresponding color in a a colormap and fig legend.