Reuse Python Dash App in R?

Is there a recommended way to call/reuse a Dash app written in Python in R without rewriting the app in R?

Can you provide some context, i.e. why would you want to do this?

I wrote a Python library for linear modeling (GitHub - emjun/tisane: Specification language for generating Generalized Linear Models (with or without mixed effects) from conceptual models) that engages users in an interactive process. For that interactive process, I use Dash to show users a GUI in the browser/Jupyter notebook (see example in tutorial here).

I now want to provide an R version of this library. I still want to provide the same interactive process. Ideally, I would reuse the app code I already wrote for the Python version of the library rather than rewrite it and maintain two copies of the same app.

Check out rpy2: Introduction to rpy2 — rpy2 3.5.0dev documentation. I know of a few projects that have used this in production calling R scripts from their Python Dash App.