Return value of dcc.Checklist


I am using a Checklist to update a table. The checklist is input to the following function:

def update_df_merge(lst_merge):
    df = test_data.innhenting_tabell(lst_merge[0])
    if len(lst_merge)>1:
       for item in lst_merge[1:]:
           df = df.merge(test_data.innhenting_tabell(item))
   return df.to_json(date_format='iso', orient='split')

The return value of the checklist is a string, so when a user cliks on ‘df_1’, ‘df_2’, ‘df_3’ is ‘df_1df_2df_3’.

Is it possible to have each value assigned as an element to a list, such that the return value is [‘df_1’, ‘df_2’, ‘df_3’]?

And more general: Is this something I could have figured out myself using the help-function?