RESTful endpoint for json-chart-schema

In short: With which RESTful endpoint can I use to create charts without using the grids and plots endpoints.

I am trying to create a plotly client for clojure inside the jupyeter notebook context. My goal is to reproduce the specification. Basically, I would like my user to be able to define charts in json. Unfortunately, I am unable to figure out the api endpoint that I should interact with.

My understanding is that the json needs to validate the schema at . After looking everywhere, I cannot figure out which endpoint this schema refers to.

I have tried , epic fail. Using the bellow api blob results in the “Figure field is invalid. Reason: Raw data arrays are not allowed at this endpoint. Use grid references” error.

{ "data": [
        {   "x": [ 9, 3, 10 ],
            "y": ["hello", "mon", "coco"],
            "type": "bar",
            "marker": {"color": "rgb(227, 119, 194)" } } ]}

I have dug into the python client, and find out it uses an undocumented endpoint

Up to now, my only solution would be to do a dance with the and endpoints which would not be very nice.

someone can help?



I don’t have the proper solution for this Issue.

But I believe "Help others … And others will help you…"
And I have the tutorial SSIS JSON which is awesome, which may help others.