Resize Headers to overflow onto multiple lines

When trying to apply an overflow strategy to make all text overflow into multiple lines when the wondow size is shrunk, it does not seem to apply to header rows. Any advice? Below is the code I am using to implement overflow:

            'selector': '.dash-cell div.dash-cell-value',
            'rule': 'display: inline; white-space: inherit; overflow: inherit; text-overflow: inherit;',
            'text-align': 'center'

Right, .dash-cell only gets the data cells, and header contents don’t have any extra class. Looks like the selector you want is something like .dash-cell>div, .dash-header>div.

BTW Chrome devtools “Elements” tab is a great way to play with CSS - you can see what classes elements have, then add new CSS rules (:heavy_plus_sign: icon) to apply to them. This is looking at the table section of the Dash docs: