Replacing thousand separator "k" with comma

In the below image, is it possible to remove the “k” following the numbers in the hover text and/or the y-axis and replace it with the number and a comma? For example, 81.014k → 81,014.

Here’s an example of my trace code:

var trace3 = {
  type: "scatter",
  mode: "lines",
  name: 'Massachusetts',
  x: unpack(rows, 'year'),
  y: unpack(rows, 'MA_adm'),
  line: {
    dash: 'solid',
    color: colors[2]

Posted too soon–just figured out how to put in commas in the hover text. Any help with doing the same in the y-axes would be appreciated!

I believe you can change the yaxis tickformat to ‘g’ to get rid of the ‘k’ . There is more detail on the allowed formatting at the following link.

How did you put commas in the hover text?

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Sorry for the late reply!

var layout = {
   yaxis: { 
      tickformat: ",.0f",
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