Removing Undo button and Plotly overlays in graphs


I have some plotly graphs in a dash app. How do I remove the Undo button at the bottom left of the page and the plotly overlay buttons at the top of the graphs?

Hi there, see this thread Is it possible to hide the floating toolbar?

Scroll down to the bottom for the undo-redo buttons

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I write here, but am aware of the link ( Is it possible to get rid of the floating toolbar ) cited above. But as this worked for me (see below) I guess the two problems are not entirely equivalent.

I tried quite a bitof different things to get rid of the redo-undo button, but it is still there. I have a Flask app and dash is served over the Flask server (gunicorn in production). I have tried local and external css. I can confirm that the css is loaded (in the browser console, but also since I changed some styles and see the effect when the dashboard is rendered). Anyhow the undo-redo button is still there (menus get disabled by the very same css and they disappear as expected). When I study the code of the page (css to disable redo-undo is loaded with dcc.Link(…)) I see the css, but the code for the undo-redo button has no hidden style element. May this happen, since the css server by the dcc.Link element is loaded after the undo-redo code is added at the top of the page?

Moreover, when several people use the dashboard (each having a own session, and session-id) excessive use of undo-redo will crash my server (this may a problem of my server software, but I could not yet locate any).

I would appreciate a reliable method to get rid of this functionality which I will certainly not need.

PS: My experience with dash is overall very good.

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