Remove Undo, Redo button entirely

I understand we can remove the Undo, Redo button with the below statements on a CSS stylesheet, which I did below:


._dash-undo-redo {
display: none;

Inside my python code I have:
app.css.append_css({‘external_url’: ‘’})
app.css.append_css({‘external_url’: ‘/home/tanthiamhuat/DataAnalyticsPortal/UI/mystylesheet.css’})

My app contains a few tabs. When it first launches, there is no Undo, Redo button. However, when I come to a particular tab which contains Radiobuttons, and I toggle between the Radiobuttons, then the Undo / Redo button appears at every of my tabs application.

I want the Undo / Redo button to be removed entirely for my application.

:mega: Dash 1.0 removes the undo/redo buttons by default.
If for some reason you want them back, create your app with:
app = dash.Dash(show_undo_redo=True)

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