Remove Keyboard Popup on mobile Dash SingleDatePicker

Hi All,

When I select my Date Picker Single control on mobile a keyboard popup occurs, is there a way I can disable that popup?

Bumping this … On mobile, a keyboard will pop up when you want to select a date.
It’s easy to exit out of the keyboard, but it is a bit of a nuisance.

There is an option for “disableTouchKeyboard” on the bootstrap datepicker

Anyway to do this?

FWIW, the dmc library (dash mantine components) date picker does not have this issue.

Still curious about workaround for the dcc component, but might as well just incorporate the dmc component.


Hi Matt, i know this is a few months down the line but I have only just gotten round to implementing this change

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of DMC - never knew about it - plus I must add that I feel it looks even better than the SingleDatePicker and works how we expect it - great find!

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