Refreshing Dash graph from external trigger


i have a code running periodically in the background and it generates a graph that I want to refresh on my dash app but only once after my code finished execution.
The only idea i came with is to make a ready flag that is stored in a file, and then dash would periodically check that flag using Interval, and then set the flag back to not ready.
My problem is that the graphs are refreshing everytime the Interval callback triggers, even if I dont return.
Is there any way I can achieve what I want?

( the reason I dont want to refresh the graphs is because people can be navigating through them and I dont want them to keep refreshing to default configuration in short intervals)

Hello @MHaidarAW,

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You should check out websockets by dash-extensions.


Thank you for the link! It is exactly what Iā€™m looking for.