How can I update my graphs from external function calls? Is this possible?

I currently have an application which is receiving data on a 1s interval from a RabbitMQ broker. Originally the application was set up such that the RabbitMQ server was outputting to a json, which the Dashboard was reading in from periodically using a dcc interval.

I have reason to move away from this format, and restructure such that there is no IO happening. I have scoured the forums for hours and it seems as if there is no possible way to simply have the RabbitMQ consumer, call a function which udates my graphs? Is this true, or is there a way of going about this

With standard Dash, i don’t think that is possible.

Standard Dash, implying there may be other tools which handle this?

Yes. Since Dash uses http requests, you need the Interval component for pulling updates. But there have been various community attempts at integrating websockets, e.g. this one, which makes to possible to push updates from the server (which i guess is what you need).