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Refresh Data after loading (not using Jupyter Notebooks)?

Hello! Is it possible to refresh the dataset of a scattergeo (or really any plot) through user input after the page has already been loaded?

Hi @GorillaCoder, you can refresh a plotly figure inside a Dash application, see for example and more generally the Dash documentation

Hi @Emmanuelle, thanks for the reply! This solution appears to refresh data already loaded within the application but not if I want Python to modify the dataset and then Plotly to re-graph those changes.

Essentially, I’d like to do all the refinement of the dataset in a Python application back-end and then use Plotly to re-graph the changes (specifically the Scattergeo). Sorry if the title was misleading.
Is there any way to do this?

Something like this: Refresh Data in Plotly without the use of Jupyter Notebooks