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Referring to layout shapes in updatemenus

All the dropdown (or slider) examples show modifications to data. However, shapes are placed in layout, so I don’t know how can I access them through updatemenus.

I.e., if I have two shapes and want to switch between them with a dropdown, I would like to write something like:

fig[‘layout’][‘updatemenus’] =
x:-0.05, y:0.8,
{args:[‘shapes.visible’, [True, False]], label:‘1’, method:‘restyle’},
{args:[‘shapes.visible’, [False, True]], label:‘2’, method:‘restyle’}

Obviously, it doesn’t work. So, is it possible to alter shapes like this?


fig['layout']['updatemenus'] = 
  x:-0.05, y:0.8,
     {args:['shapes[0].visible', false], method:'relayout'},
     {args:['shapes[1].visible', true], method:'relayout'}

That would work to control each shape separately. Can I put two of them into one button?

Yes, I can:
dict(args=[{‘shapes[0].visible’: True, ‘shapes[1].visible’: False}], label=‘First circle’, method=‘relayout’),
dict(args=[{‘shapes[0].visible’: False, ‘shapes[1].visible’: True}], label=‘First circle’, method=‘relayout’),


The solution works perfectly but now when the data should also change with the button click (hence using the visible keyword as well), I cannot make it work, and I can’t understand why: ‘update’ should relayout and restyle, right?

{‘label’: ‘Prochaines’, ‘method’: ‘update’, ‘args’: [{‘shapes[0].visible’: False, ‘shapes[1].visible’: False, ‘visible’: [False, True, False]}]}

the api is a mess, well documented but 100x ways to do something but ppl just get confues

how to update a shape i previously added with:

        fig.add_shape(dict(  # vertical line
            x0=1, y0=2, x1=3, y1=4,

i read entire no help

assumes it is: fig.update_shapes(dict(x0=p_mid, y0=0, x1=p_mid, y1=max(amounts_),), selector=dict(type=‘line’))