Dynamically set buttons for 'update' drop-downs menus

Hi, is this a possibility?

Following this example: https://plot.ly/python/dropdowns/#update-dropdown I have tried to pre-define buttons dynamically, using a loop (I am aware this loop does nothing, but this is just a placeholder):

for i in loop:
    button = dict(label = v1,
        method = 'update',
        args = [
            {'visible': v2},
            {'title': v3},

and then:

updatemenus = list([dict(

However I get the error:

Path To Error: ['layout']['updatemenus'][0]['buttons'][0]
Valid items for 'buttons' at path ['layout']['updatemenus'][0]['buttons'] under parents ['figure', 'layout', 'updatemenus', 'updatemenu']:

which appear to suggest that the only accepted values for the buttons value in updatemenus is dict. Is there any way around this?

Has anyone been able to solve this yet?