Realtime Django Dash/Plotly chart

I have managed to integrate plotly chart into django but how can i make the plotly chart real time? Or is there another way of integrating dash in django? An example or two would be awesome.

@mayur27 Yes you can integrate Dash in Django. It is a bit too much to show here so I recommend watching this video:

Not sure what you mean with real time. But maybe this part of the documentation is helpful:

Thanks Peter. By real time i meant continuously updating the charts. Is there a different way of integrating dash without the library?

I am not aware of different ways to integrate Dash in Django. I recently came across this tutorial and found it quite helpful but still have to learn a lot myself. Pls let me now how far it was/will be helpful for you or which other ways you may discover.

Regarding the real time charts, the documentation should include what you are looking for:

Thanks for your help. I came across this which was really good. Take a look.