Rangeslider appears to have broken from 1.33.1 to 1.40 - and still remains broken in the latest 2.22

This might be related to the #4417 in Github … still classed as a bug as an open issue.

On zooming out from a chart the rangeslider scales correctly. When the user zooms back in using the modebar zoom buttons, the rangeslider chart stays at the zoomed out level. It cannot be reset using autoscale and home buttons. I am sure this must be a bug … I have tried many combination of ranges and scales but it fails to bring the rangeslider scale back.

It works as expected in 1.33.1 and appears to be broken in 1.40 onwards up to the latest release.

There does seem to be related bug reports that have been merged with 2.22 but the problem persists as shown in CodePen below.

Here is an image of the range slider range latched to the zoomed out range after zooming back in on the main chart. It cannot be reset to the main chart using any of the rescale or home buttons.

The fact there is a functional change for the worse (for my application) between 1.33.1 and 1.40 suggests that it is a bug. Although I am happy for it to be proven otherwise.

Here is the code I used in CodePen to show the issues between 133.1 and 1.40->2.22


var data = [
x: [10, 20, 30, 40, 50],
y: [2, 3, 1, 7, 3],
type: ‘lines’,

var selectorOptions = {};

var layout = {
title: ‘Time series with range slider and selectors’,
xaxis: {

        rangeselector: selectorOptions,
        rangeslider: {},

Plotly.newPlot(‘graph’, data, layout);

HTML - change the version number here.

Thanks for any help or input.

I have this issue too, see also: [BUG] Rangeslider won't reset after zooming out · Issue #6903 · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub