Rangeselector changing default to something else


I have a couple options for rangeselector buttons including 6 months, 1 year and all. The choice “all” is set to default. Is there any way to make the default “6 months” instead of “all”?


Changing the xaxis.range should do the trick.

I see. Could you give me an example?
This is what I’m currently doing,
var x_axis_format = {
title: ‘Date’,
autorange: true,
range: [‘2014-01-01’, current_date],
rangeselector: { buttons: [
count: 6,
label: ‘6 Months’,
step: ‘month’,
stepmode: ‘backward’
count: 1,
label: ‘1 Year’,
step: ‘year’,
stepmode: ‘backward’
label: “All”,
step: ‘all’

                    ] },
                    rangeslider: {range:['2014-01-01', current_date]},
                    type: 'date'