Range Slider (dcc.rangeslider) marks by iteration not populated correctly

I am trying out the rangeslider component as a filter for my pandas dataframe. However, when I try to populate the marks using (for loop and range), I am not getting the intended output.

  1. The list for the marks are;

    From the output, the marks should start from Volume(%)1.

  2. I tried building a dash app with just the rangeslider component;

The result:

As shown in the result image, the mark doesn’t start from Volume(%)1 instead it starts from Volume(%)2 and the marks are not aligned to the dots on the rangeslider. I am hoping for some enlightenment from this forum.

P.S. I have not figured out how layout placement works yet, hence the overlapping rangeslider output.

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

Sorry, I have solved the issue. Changing the min parameter in dcc.rangeslider solved the issue.