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Radarchart Trace Error

I’m using plotly’s 4.7.1 version and trying the radar chart examples from here:

However, I always keep getting this error when I want to display the radar chart:

Error: Trace type must be one of the following:
‘scatter’, ‘box’, ‘bar’, ‘heatmap’, ‘histogram’, ‘histogram2d’, ‘histogram2dcontour’, ‘pie’, ‘contour’, ‘scatterternary’, ‘sankey’, ‘scatter3d’, ‘surface’, ‘mesh3d’, ‘scattergeo’, ‘choropleth’, ‘scattergl’, ‘pointcloud’, ‘heatmapgl’, ‘parcoords’, ‘scattermapbox’, ‘carpet’, ‘scattercarpet’, ‘contourcarpet’, ‘ohlc’, ‘candlestick’, ‘area’

Any ideas why this is happening?

I think the issue was, that I need to install via github to get the latest version ( Seems to work, but I get this error message (using the examples):

No scatterpolar mode specifed:
Setting the mode to markers
Read more about this attribute -> https://plot.ly/r/reference/#scatter-mode

However, it displays the chart.

Hi @cthielen

You’ll need the dev version - install with devtools::install_github("ropensci/plotly")

Plotly’s latest CRAN release 4.7.1 uses an older version of plotly.js (v1.29.2). Whereas, scatterpolar trace type were added in plotly.js v1.33.0. The dev version ( of the R package uses the latest plotly.js release (v1.35.2)