Question regarding conditional formatting datatable

I have been trying to highligh/border an entire row if cell is active. But i cant seem to get this to work.

styleActive = [{
‘if’: {
‘state’: ‘selected’ # ‘active’ | ‘selected’
‘border’: ‘1px solid blue’

this only adds a border to the cell. But how to i get it to bordert the row?

I found a solution. Using a callback.

Output(component_id=‘cl’, component_property=‘style_data_conditional’),
[Input(component_id=‘cl’, component_property=‘active_cell’)]
def highlightrow(active):
styleActiveRow = [{
‘if’: {
‘row_index’: active[‘row’]
‘borderTop’: ‘2px hotpink solid’,
‘borderBottom’: ‘2px hotpink solid’
return styleActiveRow