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Multiple style_data_conditional

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build a Datatable with conditional formatting and highlighted row that is selected.
I have both elements but they can’t work together with my code
Callback changes my defined style_data_conditional which makes sense.
Maybe somebody has an idea how can I modify this callback (if condition) in a way that I get to keep my style_data_conditional part (I need to have negative values in certain columns highlighted with red font color) and still have selected row highlighted?

	{'if': {'column_id': 'Margin1',
	'filter_query': '{Margin1} < 0'},
	'color': 'red'},                                                                  
	{'if': {'column_id': 'Margin2',
	'filter_query': '{Margin2} < 0'},
	'color': 'red'}]
    Output('Mytable1', 'style_data_conditional'),
    [Input('Mytable1', 'selected_rows')]

def update_styles(selected_rows):
    return [{
        'if': { 'row_index': i },
        'background_color': '#D2F3FF'
    } for i in selected_rows]