Python to Plotly, but only displays 24hrs worth of data

Hey all,

I am wondering if there is 24hr limitation on plotly time line graphs? I have this graph that has been logging data for a few days, but if I scroll left (to yesterday for example) there is no data.

I am using a plotly free account, is this a limitation??


Hi there,
There is a maxpoints variable:
The default is 500 points (max 10000) so perhaps you are hitting that default value.

Hi Chelsea, thanks heaps for the help, and the URL you directed me too, its very handy!

I have been looking through that URL trying to find out how to edit my legend label, see screenshot below, it says trace0 in the lower left, but I want to name it something more relevant, do you know that this is called?

Thanks heaps!!!

Hi there, that will be related the the โ€˜nameโ€™ attribute:
Hereโ€™s an example: