Python import myapp Error for win10 [Solved]

I follow the USER GUIDE
But in the Step 5, I can’t import myapp

In [1]: import myapp
File “< string >”, line 1
class src\components\ExampleComponent(Component):


SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character

how to solve it error …?

the path in metadata.json is from “src/components/ExampleComponent” to “src\components\ExampleComponent” when using

python install

for win10 system… and make that error …
,and the bundle.js is not available …
so i copy the metadata.json and bundle.js to


, and it pass to perform locally finally. :laughing:

Exactly , for the win 10

  1. when using

npm install

the path in metadata.json is


, so the dash moudle can’t read it , you need just `

change \\ to /

  1. For __ init __ .py file, you need to remove “” if you want to run your app locally.

then, you can run sucessfully :grinning:

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