No bundle.js or metadata.json being found in React.js to python user guide

Hello @chriddyp,

Installing Dash and everything as guided in the user guide I am having errors at step 5 testing the component. For some reason my build does not product the bundles or metadata.

Screenshot 2017-08-08 01.24.04

FYI… I created a virtual env in this path, installed Dash and all else via pip. Attempted restarting terminal and fresh new virtual env and folder as well as download different versions of npm and still getting same result

When doing the same thing from my windows I am missing a map.js file but I am able to bring up the server and show the test ExampleComponent.

At first glance, it looks like you might’ve forgotten to run npm install (Step 4 here: The bundle.js and the metadata.json files are generated through npm commands not through python. Running either npm install or npm prepublish will generate those files.

I actuall have to do sudo npm install for the command to work and thats been my attempt. I will try the prepublish. Thanks @chriddyp

OK, good luck! I just made a few updates to the underlying dash-components-archetype package that should make things easier. The docs at have also been updated to reflect the new changes. (builder-init dash-components-archetype will always grab the latest version)

It works now. Thanks!