Python 'group on x' how to?

Hi there!
I used the search function as I feel this could be a common question but I couldn’t find any relevant questions so here I am.

I am using plotly to create a candlestick chart. The data all looks fine but when generated the graph is grouped on trace, and I would like it grouped on ‘x’.

Here is what I mean.
This is what it lookes like coming out of code:
(grouped on trace, see the x-values being repeated on the x-axis)

This is what I would like (now edited with plotly’s great editor)

It is probaply just a variable for the API code but I can’t discover the syntax. Could anyone help out? Thanks in advance!
Here is the code, mostly copied from the tutorial:'', api_key='')
trace = go.Candlestick(x=quotesTimes,
data = [trace]
py.plot(data, filename='simple_ohlc')

Unfortunately I still haven’t fixed this, could someone help me out?