Python flask: Example with latest plotly

There are several older examples of plotly and flask out there, but I have not found any that work with current versions of plotly; everything I see is now Dash.

I have a project that needs more stateful approach, so Dash is not working for me. Does somebody have an example of flask and current plotly?


I found that this example plotly/plotlyjs-flask-example: A simple plotly.js example served with flask ( does work once you fix the issue of the template:
Does not display for me in Chrome and safari · Issue #2 · plotly/plotlyjs-flask-example (

Replace this line...
`<script src=""></script>`
...with this line...
`<script src=""></script>`

It worked for me after that.

Glad you found an answer. I’m new to plotly and evaluating plotly/dash vs current work in bokeh/flask. I’d love to hear more about why you decided against dash and to just display your plots directly in flask templates instead.

I’ve been stashing state in dash’s Store object.

Hi @jcarson,

I’m new Dash as well. I’ve been playing with it, but am so far still more comfortable in Plotly/Flask. Not only the ease of state in Flask, but also I’m having an easier time having a function where I create not only the plots, but also dynamically control the layout. (It might very well be the case that this is just as easy in Dash and I just haven’t found the right example yet.)


p.s. I was looking for how I could pass extra parameters into Dash, but I found the answer in this question on the forum.