[PYTHON] Convert your HTML Files into a (html) Dash app!

Since I’ve discovered Dash not a long time ago I always thought it was frustrating to write dash apps in python. Almost everybody knows how to write HTML at this stage, and it is often faster to write it than having to think about the layout of the dash app. This is why, using an HTML parser, I wrote a small script that converts HTML layouts into dash layouts (with the idents). This script isn’t flawless (doesn’t support HTML styling yet, doesn’t allow you to write dcc in it yet) but I think it’s worth the share!


Terrific idea, shared the same itch :tropical_drink:
I guess that approach could also be extended, so parsing an html layout and extending with dash rather than converting html -> a dash app. This would be great for larger project such that the work of developing the layout and the logic can be split up more easily.

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Yup! Curently thinking about creating a « Lib » but I don’t know where it would get me in terms of amout of work, but I will be updating my progress for sure !

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