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Convert html to dash_html_components

Here is a simple function to convert an HTML string to Dash dash_html_components components.
Can be useful to convert existing pages/layout to Dash.

def convert_html_to_dash(html_code):
    """Convert standard html to Dash components"""
    from xml.etree import ElementTree
    import dash_html_components as html

    def parse_css(css):
        """Convert a style in ccs format to dictionary accepted by Dash"""
        return {k: v for style in css.strip(";").split(";") for k, v in [style.split(":")]}

    def _convert(elem):
        comp = getattr(html, elem.tag.capitalize())
        children = [_convert(child) for child in elem]
        if not children:
            children = elem.text
        attribs = elem.attrib.copy()
        if "class" in attribs:
            attribs["className"] = attribs.pop("class")
        attribs = {k: (parse_css(v) if k == "style" else v) for k, v in attribs.items()}

        return comp(children=children, **attribs)

    et = ElementTree.fromstring(html_code)

    return _convert(et)

looks good, I will give it a try! thanks