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Px.scatter() Animation: Help Making Y and X axis Ticks Evenly Spaced

I am having a problem with px.scatter() animation with getting the Y axis and X axis grid lines and ticks to have equal spacing. Below is my code, I can’t include the actual output so I drew a paint version demonstrating the general problem. The blue color lines indicate the disproportionate spacing in the grid lines. Though not marked, each line indicates a 1/10th step increment in the log (so between 10 and 100 there is 20, 30, 40, 50…), thus the grid lines should be evenly spaced.

fig = px.scatter(data, x=“xvar”, y=“yvar”, animation_frame=frame, animation_group=“group”,
text=“group_name”, color=“outcome_2”, color_continuous_scale=[…] range_color=[0,max_setting],hover_name=“group_name”, size=“outocme_3”, log_y=True, log_x=True, size_max=55, range_x=[1,1.2*data.xvarl.max() ], range_y=[1,1.2*data.yvar.max() ])

The best that I can do is have the x and y ranges go from 1 to their max, but even this is not completely even and I would like to be able to zoom in more than just [1,max]. Any attempt to do range_x=[100, max] creates a completely unacceptably unequal spacing between tick marks. Any advice would be appreciated!

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