Put image as background onto dash cytoscape graph

Hi all, Im using the cytoscape-js extension and got everything working the way I want.

The one piece I’m still missing is a way to put an image as background of the graph.

I found a cytoscape extension for doing that,

but no information on how to use a cytoscape extensions with dash. Is that even possible?

I also found a way to do this with plotly and layers and external map services, but that does not help me when using cytoscape.

Maybe there already is a way to do this with dash?

What I’m trying to achieve is

  • a fixed world map image the spans the whole graph as a background
  • put nodes onto city locations
  • draw edges between nodes
  • put traffic information onto the edges
  • zoom into nodes/edges of a region, say Germany, UK, USA, etc.

Any hints on how to do that would be appreciated!

  • Volker